'Aulaeum, down the curtain'. Dramatized visit


The great Roman architect Vitruvius surprise us with a night visit to the museum and Roman theatre, where we will explain the golden proportions of the building and the ideal of classical beauty. In addition, you will feel like a spectator with the final performance in one of the best theatres of antiquity.

  • Dates: July (11 and 25), August (15 and 22) and September (5).
  • Timetable: 21:00. 
  • Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Target: all audiences.
  • Capacity: 20 people.
  • Information: 968 500 093.



  • General fee: 12 euros.
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas Club: 6 euros.



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