CAMPING EL PORTÚS (2 nights, 2 people) + "Cartagena Romana" tour

A two-night getaway, in a wooden bungalow, for 2 people, at the El Portús naturist campsite, 13 kilometers from the city. Discover the footprint that the Roman Empire left for centuries. Visit the Roman Forum Museum, where the most important buildings of Carthago Nova are located, and the magnificent Roman Theater, and also enjoy the best views of the city from its castle.

How to enjoy your getaway?
  1. Get  your getaway.
  2. Book by calling the accommodation directly on the following phone  (+34) 968 55 30 52 , indicating the locator and authorization number of your getaway.
  3. Enjoy your getaway !



General rate : 75 euros.



Where does it take place?


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