Cartagena Puerto de Culturas Club


The Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas offers two types of cards, Club Familia and Club Amigo . These cards make you participate in the history and culture of Cartagena, in addition to offering you multiple advantages:

  • The person or family unit (parents/guardians and children under 18 years of age) who owns it can visit the museums of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas for a year as many times as they wish.
  • The reduced rate applies to tourist transport .
  • The reduced rate applies to the cardholder's companions .
  • Discounts in the gift shops of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (on certain items).
  • 50% discount on temporary activities (except events that indicate this).
  • In addition, you are specially invited to the Cartagena Puerto de Culturas events of which you will be informed throughout the year.

All this for only 65 euros for the Family Club and 40 euros for the Amigo Club .

To acquire the Cartagena Puerto de Culturas Club you can go to the following museums: Punic Wall, Roman Forum Neighborhood, Roman Theater Museum and Museum-Refuge of the Civil War. In these museums you must complete the card application and for the Family Club you must provide a photocopy of the family book or document where the details of the family unit appear.  

For more information, contact telephone number 968 500 093 or .

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