Action Plan

  Action Plan

Under the 2018 Action Plan six lines of priority action are collected:

  1. Conservation and maintenance.
  2. cultural and educational outreach.
  3. Promotion and marketing.
  4. Cartagena Port of Cultures online and new technologies.
  5. comprehensive restoration project and enhancement of the Pinwheel Archaeological Park. Quarter of the Roman Forum.
  6. Cartagena Convention Bureau.

  Economic data

The annual budget includes the estimate of revenue and expenses to undertake the running costs of Cartagena Port of Cultures.

In 2018, the self - financing reaches 88% of its spending through its own revenues from ticket sales, shop and rental spaces, facing personnel costs and current expenditure, including supplies: light, water, telephones, rent, cultural and educational promotion and maintenance.

The remaining costs of Cartagena Port of Cultures are covered with the annual grant provided by the Hon. City of Cartagena .

For the tourist activity Roman Theater MuseumIt has underwritten one collaboration agreement annual renewal of the Roman Theater Foundation, which includes public service, shop, reception and guides and tourism promotion of monuments. All this is also covered with own revenues.

 Cartagena Port of Cultures budgets SA 2019 (PDF - 218,03 KB - Fecha de revisión: 13/02/2019)

  Visitor figures

Cartagena Puerto de Culturas Visitantes
2018 479.003
2017 476.056
2016 432.523
2015 370.896
2014 339.995
2013 317.530
2012 280.108
2011 321.051
2010 344.342
2009 237.037
2008 277.517
2007 205.569
2006 199.157
2005 225.860
2004 197.780
2003 29.117

  Annual memory

  Annual Report 2018 Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (PDF - 2,61 MB - Fecha de revisión: 13/02/2019)

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