Cartagena Puerto de Culturas has had as objective the implementation and execution of the comprehensive project and its continuity related to the management and visit tourist and cultural product of Cartagena itself.

Cartagena Puerto de Culturas aims:

  • The creation, provision and management of museums and cultural facilities created on the basis of "Cartagena Puerto de Culturas" project.
  • Conducting activities to boost the cultural heritage and promoting tourism Cartagena.
  • Education, training and awareness of society for the preservation of heritage and its promotion as an engine of social, economic and cultural development.
  • Conservation centers and facilities created on the basis of "Cartagena Puerto de Culturas" project.
  • Compliance with the actions mandated by the Consortium for tourism and cultural development of Cartagena included in the "Cartagena Puerto de Culturas" project.


  Statutes Cartagena Puerto de Cultura SA (PDF - 459,10 KB - Fecha de revisión: 31/10/2018)

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