Over these years Cartagena Puerto de Culturas has received various awards and mentions in the Tourist and Cultural sector:

  • Cartagena Business Chamber of Commerce Prize in 2004.
  • Regional Prize of Architecture of Murcia to The CI of  the Punic Wall in 2004.
  • First Prize Murcia Architectural Region of Murcia Panoromic Lift in 2005.
  • Laurel Prize Murcia Press Association in 2006.
  • Silver Medal Spanish Association Friends of Castles in 2008.
  • Europa Nostra Grand Prize at the Museo del Teatro Romano in 2010.
  • Santa Marta Award for the tourist image granted by Hostecar in 2010.
  • Festero Honoris Causa Award of Carthaginians and Romans in 2011.
  • National Conservation and Restoration Award for the Barrio del Foro Romano, Molinete granted by the Ministry of Culture in 2012.
  • Palomas del Turismo Award to the Roman Theatre Museum in 2012.
  • Finalist European Destinations of Excellence Award (EDEN) VI Edition "Sustainable Tourism" awarded by the European Union in 2013.
  • Prize for the dissemination of culture and historical heritage of the Region. The FNM prize- REPSOL. 2015.
  • Silver Microphone to Cartagena Puerto de Culturas given by the Radio and Television Association of the Region of Murcia (ARTV) in 2016.
  • Cruise Excellence Award to Cartagena Puerto de Culturas. 2018.
  • Quality Award in the Building of the Region for its "Tourist use" to the Punic Wall. 2019.
  • Regional Prize for Architecture of the Region of Murcia in its XXI edition to the "Museo Foro Romano Molinete". 2021.

  • Premios Excellence de Cruceros. Cartagena 2018

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